Our vision – Developing Swedish equestrian sport

”Lövsta Future Challenge should be seen as one of the most important factors for making Sweden a leading nation in dressage and show jumping within ten years and a role model when it comes to sustainability and sportsmanship in the equestrian sport.”

The main goal for Lövsta Future Challenges is to develop Swedish equestrian sport in show jumping and dressage, by  giving young talents – horses and riders – the right basis to develop towards international Grand Prix. The goals are set high, during the Olympic Games in Tokyo we want to see at least two riders or horses in our national teams which have competed in Lövsta Future Challenge.

We want the best teams of horses and riders in each branch of competition in the country to compete in Lövsta Future Challenge. The top trainers should look upon Lövsta Future Challenge as a natural milestone for their students on the way towards Grand Prix. We also want Lövsta Future Challenge to contribute in developing more competitions of international character, for the benefits of both competitors and audience. We aknowledge the importance of competing on international arenas, for both the young horses and the U25 riders.

Another important goal is to contribute to more knowledge and an exchange of knowledge between disciplines. We want to cherish the teams around the competing horses and riders and encourage breeders, horse owners and sponsors to keep the best horses with their Swedish riders.

Lövsta Future Challenge should also be a driving force in making organizers, competitors, audience and other important performers in the sport strive towards a more sustainable horse industry.