Sustainability is an essential part of Lövsta Future Challenge. In our national series we are working with the organizers of our qualification competitions to encourage them to make their events more sustainable.

We climate compensate all the trips our competitors and judges make to and from competitions in Lövsta Future Challenge Dressage and the finalists trips to and from Gothenburg Horse Show in Lövsta Future Challenge Jumping. The jackets or vests we give our competitors each season are chosen with sustainability in mind. Each year we award a company or an organization for their work with sustainability with the Lövsta Future Challenge Environmental Award. We strive to be an inspiration for a more sustainable equestrian sport.

Integration within the sport

During Stockholm Horse Week 2019, Lövsta Future Challenge together with Kompisbyrån and Stockholm Horse Week arranged a kompisfika for native swedes and newly arrived to go and see world-class equestrian sport.

Fredrik Spetz, elite rider and trainer, answered questions about what physics one rider needs to be in order to be at the highest level in the sport. He also talked about how to succeed in sports without financial capital and how he himself works with his horses to be at the very highest level.

See the short video from the kompisfika below.